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Streak-Free Windows Without the Stress

Cleaning glass can be quite easy! Sometimes it can almost feel as if your windows or mirrors will never be clean because of those stubborn streaks that just don’t seem to budge.

Do not fear, for we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that will have your glass gleaming in no time!

Distilled Water

When cleaning your windows you can use distilled water, although not essential. The water that comes straight from the tap often still has a few impurities in it, which are totally fine to drink, but as glass shows every little imperfection, they’ll leave behind those awful streaks if you use it on your windows.

Distilled White Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is the DIY cleaner’s best friend. It’s also relatively inexpensive, which makes it even better. As distilled white vinegar is non-toxic and antibacterial, you can use it around the house safely in any environment.

If you are worried about the smell of vinegar in your home, don’t panic. It may linger for a little while, but it will also fade quickly afterwards.

A Little Soap Goes A Long Way

If your windows are in desperate need of a deep clean, you may be tempted to mix up a big bucket of soapy water and really lather up a storm. Incorrectly-used soap suds, however, will leave your windows in an ugly, streaky mess.

For those really stubborn marks that need a little soap, mix 0.6 litres of distilled water with 0.6 litres of rubbing alcohol, and then add one (and only one!) drop of liquid dishwashing soap. Your windows will be streak free and shining in no time!

Buff It Out

If you follow these tips and still find the odd streak or mark. The best option will be to use a chamois or a microfibre towel or cloth to buff out any of those marks, but a clean old t-shirt will do in a pinch!

Quick Tips

  • Wash your windows on a cloudy day. While it may seem like a sunny day will help you spot the streak easier, you run the risk of your solution drying too quickly and leaving even more marks! A cloudy day will be cooler and will give you more time to really give your windows the top-quality clean they deserve.
  • Avoid paper towels. To wipe your windows down after washing, use newspaper! Paper towels will leave behind linty streaks, but newspaper won’t. You don’t even have to worry about the ink leaving marks, as glass can’t absorb it!
  • If you’ve got wooden sills or floors on or near the windows you are cleaning, always put down a towel to catch any excess water and prevent damage or staining.

Happy cleaning!

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